Course Completion

      Name Course Country Continent Date
    89 Arnaldo Estacio ITTF Administration Course  PHILIPPINES  ASIA  2018-09-20 
    88 Mohammad Hossein Abdollahpour ITTF Administration Course  IRAN  ASIA  2018-05-31 
    87 Ketlene Musac ITTF Administration Course  HAITI  LATIN AMERICA  2018-03-28 
    86 Ghazi Ben HSEN ITTF Administration Course  TUNISIA  AFRICA  2018-03-18 
    85 arnaud combesque ITTF Administration Course  FRANCE  EUROPE  2018-03-06 
    84 Marco Pedro ITTF Administration Course  PORTUGAL  EUROPE  2018-02-25 
    83 tlamelo ntebele ITTF Administration Course  BOTSWANA  AFRICA  2018-02-22 
    82 Imran Ramadani ITTF Administration Course  KOSOVO  EUROPE  2018-01-15 
    81 Alfredo Silva Ramirez ITTF Administration Course  VENEZUELA  LATIN AMERICA  2018-01-14 
    80 Daniela Clerge ITTF Administration Course  HAITI  LATIN AMERICA  2018-01-10 
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    Module/Topic Completion

        Name Module/Topic Completion Country Continent Date
      7364David Bonilla M6T3 - How to extend reach through website & email marketing USA NORTH AMERICA 2018-09-25 
      7363Maria Teresa Pozzi Espasandin M3T5 - Working with other Government Departments ARGENTINA LATIN AMERICA 2018-09-24 
      7362Maria Teresa Pozzi Espasandin M7T7 - Harassment ARGENTINA LATIN AMERICA 2018-09-24 
      7361Maria Teresa Pozzi Espasandin M7T6 - Match Fixing ARGENTINA LATIN AMERICA 2018-09-24 
      7360David Bonilla M6T2 - How to promote table tennis through social media USA NORTH AMERICA 2018-09-24 
      7359David Bonilla M6T1 - Why are marketing & promotion important? USA NORTH AMERICA 2018-09-24 
      7358Maria Teresa Pozzi Espasandin M2T8 - How to prepare a Financial Policy ARGENTINA LATIN AMERICA 2018-09-24 
      7357Maria Teresa Pozzi Espasandin M3T4 - Working with the Government Department of Sport ARGENTINA LATIN AMERICA 2018-09-24 
      7356Maria Teresa Pozzi Espasandin M1T7 - Strategic Planning ARGENTINA LATIN AMERICA 2018-09-24 
      7355Hazem Salem Introduction - What is the ITTF? EGYPT AFRICA 2018-09-24 
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