Course Completion

      Name Course Country Continent Date
    310 Cesar Hernández ITTF Administration Course  COLOMBIA  LATIN AMERICA  2020-10-12 
    309 mustafa Alsaqar ITTF Administration Course  LIBYA  AFRICA  2020-10-11 
    308 Farwa Babar ITTF Administration Course  PAKISTAN  ASIA  2020-10-03 
    307 Janakiraman Viswanathan ITTF Administration Course  INDIA  ASIA  2020-10-02 
    306 Leonel Hernández Lopez ITTF Administration Course  MEXICO  LATIN AMERICA  2020-10-01 
    305 JUAN PABLO PARRA RAMIREZ ITTF Administration Course  COLOMBIA  LATIN AMERICA  2020-09-01 
    304 Carlos Roberto Fiallos Gonzalez ITTF Administration Course  HONDURAS  LATIN AMERICA  2020-09-01 
    303 Saheed Idowu ITTF Administration Course  CONGO BRAZZAVILLE  AFRICA  2020-08-30 
    302 Adeola Abibat Idowu ITTF Administration Course  NIGERIA  AFRICA  2020-08-30 
    301 ELKIN JOSE ROPAIN GARCIA ITTF Administration Course  COLOMBIA  LATIN AMERICA  2020-08-26 
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    Module/Topic Completion

        Name Module/Topic Completion Country Continent Date
      24006Michelle Fung M2T5 - How to make expense claims HONG KONG ASIA 2020-10-20 
      24005Michelle Fung M5T2 - How to organise Festivals/Fun Days HONG KONG ASIA 2020-10-20 
      24004Michelle Fung M4T2 - Management Skills (Part 2) HONG KONG ASIA 2020-10-20 
      24003Michelle Fung M4T1 - Management Skills HONG KONG ASIA 2020-10-20 
      24002Michelle Fung M3T8 - Working with other Table Tennis Associations HONG KONG ASIA 2020-10-20 
      24001Michelle Fung M3T7 - Working with Community Groups HONG KONG ASIA 2020-10-20 
      24000OLUWADAMILARE ADEOGO M3T8 - Working with other Table Tennis Associations NIGERIA AFRICA 2020-10-20 
      23999OLUWADAMILARE ADEOGO M3T7 - Working with Community Groups NIGERIA AFRICA 2020-10-20 
      23998OLUWADAMILARE ADEOGO M3T6 - Working with Schools NIGERIA AFRICA 2020-10-20 
      23997Michelle Fung M3T6 - Working with Schools HONG KONG ASIA 2020-10-20 
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