Course Completion

      Name Course Country Continent Date
    75 Daniel Garcia ITTF Administration Course  GIBRALTAR  EUROPE  2017-12-13 
    74 Roy Pearce ITTF Administration Course  GIBRALTAR  EUROPE  2017-12-13 
    73 Mary Ang ITTF Administration Course  SINGAPORE  ASIA  2017-12-12 
    72 LEONARD LIUNDA ITTF Administration Course  TANZANIA  AFRICA  2017-12-11 
    71 Oscar Roitman ITTF Administration Course  ARGENTINA  LATIN AMERICA  2017-12-10 
    70 albert diani ITTF Administration Course  GIBRALTAR  EUROPE  2017-12-07 
    69 Jose Luis Maldonado Montaña ITTF Administration Course  CHILE  LATIN AMERICA  2017-11-29 
    68 SANKET SHAH ITTF Administration Course  ENGLAND  EUROPE  2017-11-29 
    67 Michael Odegbami ITTF Administration Course  NIGERIA  AFRICA  2017-11-22 
    66 Ashraf Zoghayyer ITTF Administration Course  PALESTINE  ASIA  2017-11-20 
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    Module/Topic Completion

        Name Module/Topic Completion Country Continent Date
      6134Daniela Clerge M6T3 - How to extend reach through website & email marketing HAITI LATIN AMERICA 2017-12-18 
      6133joe martinez M2T8 - How to prepare a Financial Policy GIBRALTAR EUROPE 2017-12-18 
      6132Daniela Clerge M6T2 - How to promote table tennis through social media HAITI LATIN AMERICA 2017-12-18 
      6131Daniela Clerge M6T1 - Why are marketing & promotion important? HAITI LATIN AMERICA 2017-12-18 
      6130Lino Roberto Georges M6T5 - Sponsorship HAITI LATIN AMERICA 2017-12-18 
      6129Lino Roberto Georges M6T4 - How to establish relationships with media HAITI LATIN AMERICA 2017-12-18 
      6128joe martinez M2T7 - Presentation of financial data for meetings GIBRALTAR EUROPE 2017-12-18 
      6127joe martinez M2T6 - Financial acquittal for funds received GIBRALTAR EUROPE 2017-12-18 
      6126joe martinez M2T5 - How to make expense claims GIBRALTAR EUROPE 2017-12-18 
      6125joe martinez M2T4 - How to prepare invoices and receipts GIBRALTAR EUROPE 2017-12-18 
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