Course Completion

      Name Course Country Continent Date
    259 Juan Carlos Arellano Mayorca ITTF Administration Course  PERU  LATIN AMERICA  2020-06-07 
    258 CATALINA ARTEAGA ITTF Administration Course  ECUADOR  LATIN AMERICA  2020-06-06 
    257 IRVIN OCHOA TORRES ITTF Administration Course  MEXICO  LATIN AMERICA  2020-06-04 
    256 GUILLERMO MUÑOZ RONQUILLO ITTF Administration Course  MEXICO  LATIN AMERICA  2020-06-04 
    255 Arturo Silesky ITTF Administration Course  COSTA RICA  LATIN AMERICA  2020-06-01 
    254 Stephen Salazar ITTF Administration Course  TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO  LATIN AMERICA  2020-06-01 
    253 César Luque Huapaya ITTF Administration Course  PERU  LATIN AMERICA  2020-05-31 
    252 Joseph Bladimir Gonzalez Guevara ITTF Administration Course  VENEZUELA  LATIN AMERICA  2020-05-29 
    251 George Logothetis ITTF Administration Course  AUSTRALIA  OCEANIA  2020-05-28 
    250 Andrés de Jesús Moreira Quesada ITTF Administration Course  GUATEMALA  LATIN AMERICA  2020-05-28 
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    Module/Topic Completion

        Name Module/Topic Completion Country Continent Date
      20584DAGOBERTO ENRIQUE MONTENEGRO PARRALES M2T4 - How to prepare invoices and receipts ECUADOR LATIN AMERICA 2020-06-07 
      20582EDGAR MOSQUERA PALACIOS M4T1 - Management Skills COLOMBIA LATIN AMERICA 2020-06-07 
      20581Juan Carlos Arellano Mayorca M7T10 - Sports Diplomacy PERU LATIN AMERICA 2020-06-07 
      20580Juan Carlos Arellano Mayorca M7T9 - Sport & Peace PERU LATIN AMERICA 2020-06-07 
      20579Damian Arce Reza M3T7 - Working with Community Groups MEXICO LATIN AMERICA 2020-06-07 
      20578Damian Arce Reza M3T6 - Working with Schools MEXICO LATIN AMERICA 2020-06-07 
      20577Juan Carlos Arellano Mayorca M7T8 - Ethics in Sport PERU LATIN AMERICA 2020-06-07 
      20576Damian Arce Reza M3T5 - Working with other Government Departments MEXICO LATIN AMERICA 2020-06-07 
      20575Damian Arce Reza M3T4 - Working with the Government Department of Sport MEXICO LATIN AMERICA 2020-06-07 
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