Course Completion

      Name Course Country Continent Date
    295 JORGE ALBERTO GALLEGO PÉREZ ITTF Administration Course  COLOMBIA  LATIN AMERICA  2020-08-10 
    294 Manuel Forero Bernal ITTF Administration Course  COLOMBIA  LATIN AMERICA  2020-08-06 
    293 ismail ali ITTF Administration Course  DJIBOUTI  AFRICA  2020-08-04 
    292 Victor Fidel Gilberto Maima Calcina ITTF Administration Course  PERU  LATIN AMERICA  2020-08-03 
    291 JULIO CESAR QUINTERO FERRER ITTF Administration Course  COLOMBIA  LATIN AMERICA  2020-08-02 
    290 Jayson Trofeo ITTF Administration Course  PHILIPPINES  ASIA  2020-08-01 
    289 Iván Fradkin ITTF Administration Course  ARGENTINA  LATIN AMERICA  2020-07-29 
    288 Germán Segundo Gonzales Ilizarbe ITTF Administration Course  PERU  LATIN AMERICA  2020-07-23 
    287 jude okoh ITTF Administration Course  MEXICO  LATIN AMERICA  2020-07-19 
    286 Gersom Carballo Valerio ITTF Administration Course  COSTA RICA  LATIN AMERICA  2020-07-16 
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    Module/Topic Completion

        Name Module/Topic Completion Country Continent Date
      23023victoria muller M2T8 - How to prepare a Financial Policy FIJI OCEANIA 2020-08-11 
      23022arturo yared najera nuñez M1T1 - What is Governance? MEXICO LATIN AMERICA 2020-08-11 
      23021Debanhi Mayte Alvarado Torres M1T1 - What is Governance? MEXICO LATIN AMERICA 2020-08-11 
      23020Geraldo Campestrini M1T3 - How to write a constitution BRAZIL LATIN AMERICA 2020-08-11 
      23019Zaid Alejandro Moreno Hernandez M1T1 - What is Governance? MEXICO LATIN AMERICA 2020-08-11 
      23018Zaid Alejandro Moreno Hernandez Introduction - What is the ITTF? MEXICO LATIN AMERICA 2020-08-11 
      23017arturo yared najera nuñez Introduction - What is the ITTF? MEXICO LATIN AMERICA 2020-08-10 
      23016victoria muller M2T7 - Presentation of financial data for meetings FIJI OCEANIA 2020-08-10 
      23015JORGE ALBERTO GALLEGO PÉREZ M7T10 - Sports Diplomacy COLOMBIA LATIN AMERICA 2020-08-10 
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