Course Completion

      Name Course Country Continent Date
    320 Aleksandra Staneva ITTF Administration Course  BULGARIA  EUROPE  2021-01-10 
    319 Richard Davidson ITTF Administration Course  JAMAICA  LATIN AMERICA  2021-01-08 
    318 Gabriel Isaac Risco Monzon ITTF Administration Course  PERU  LATIN AMERICA  2020-12-17 
    317 Juan Luis Maldonado Tarifa ITTF Administration Course  BOLIVIA  LATIN AMERICA  2020-12-07 
    316 IDOWU AYODELE-ELETU ITTF Administration Course  NIGERIA  AFRICA  2020-11-25 
    315 TAIWO AYODELE-ELETU ITTF Administration Course  NIGERIA  AFRICA  2020-11-25 
    314 Michelle Fung ITTF Administration Course  HONG KONG  ASIA  2020-10-28 
    313 Mayssa Bsaibes ITTF Administration Course  LEBANON  ASIA  2020-10-27 
    312 OLUWADAMILARE ADEOGO ITTF Administration Course  NIGERIA  AFRICA  2020-10-27 
    311 Khin Kaung San ITTF Administration Course  MYANMAR  ASIA  2020-10-23 
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    Module/Topic Completion

        Name Module/Topic Completion Country Continent Date
      24550Colette Palmer M4T1 - Management Skills JAMAICA LATIN AMERICA 2021-01-15 
      24549Colette Palmer M1T4 - How to develop and assign portfolios JAMAICA LATIN AMERICA 2021-01-15 
      24548Jaime Carlos Yábar Escribanel M6T6 - How to promote an event (free tools) PERU LATIN AMERICA 2021-01-15 
      24547Sean Wallace M7T5 - Ethical issues in doping JAMAICA LATIN AMERICA 2021-01-14 
      24546Sean Wallace M7T4 - Child Protection JAMAICA LATIN AMERICA 2021-01-14 
      24545Sean Wallace M5T2 - How to organise Festivals/Fun Days JAMAICA LATIN AMERICA 2021-01-14 
      24544Sean Wallace M5T1 - Introduction into structured competitions JAMAICA LATIN AMERICA 2021-01-14 
      24543Sean Wallace M3T8 - Working with other Table Tennis Associations JAMAICA LATIN AMERICA 2021-01-14 
      24542Sean Wallace M2T7 - Presentation of financial data for meetings JAMAICA LATIN AMERICA 2021-01-14 
      24541Jaime Carlos Yábar Escribanel M6T5 - Sponsorship PERU LATIN AMERICA 2021-01-13 
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