Course Completion

      Name Course Country Continent Date
    280 Javier Berrospi Trillo ITTF Administration Course  PERU  LATIN AMERICA  2020-07-07 
    279 Gustavo Lancini ITTF Administration Course  VENEZUELA  LATIN AMERICA  2020-07-04 
    278 Ramón Morales calzadilla ITTF Administration Course  ECUADOR  LATIN AMERICA  2020-07-03 
    277 Daniela Gomes ITTF Administration Course  PORTUGAL  EUROPE  2020-07-03 
    276 Damian Arce Reza ITTF Administration Course  MEXICO  LATIN AMERICA  2020-07-01 
    275 stephen grant ITTF Administration Course  JAMAICA  LATIN AMERICA  2020-06-30 
    274 Juan Manuel Ulloa ITTF Administration Course  ARGENTINA  LATIN AMERICA  2020-06-29 
    273 Andrew Lue ITTF Administration Course  JAMAICA  LATIN AMERICA  2020-06-29 
    272 Luis Daniel Ducharne Guerra ITTF Administration Course  VENEZUELA  LATIN AMERICA  2020-06-27 
    271 Sergio Tiria Gonzalez ITTF Administration Course  COLOMBIA  LATIN AMERICA  2020-06-26 
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    Module/Topic Completion

        Name Module/Topic Completion Country Continent Date
      22107Antonio Pérez Barranco M1T7 - Strategic Planning SPAIN EUROPE 2020-07-08 
      22106GABRIEL MOREIRA SCHVARZ M3T8 - Working with other Table Tennis Associations MEXICO LATIN AMERICA 2020-07-08 
      22105GABRIEL MOREIRA SCHVARZ M3T7 - Working with Community Groups MEXICO LATIN AMERICA 2020-07-08 
      22104GABRIEL MOREIRA SCHVARZ M3T6 - Working with Schools MEXICO LATIN AMERICA 2020-07-08 
      22103GABRIEL MOREIRA SCHVARZ M3T5 - Working with other Government Departments MEXICO LATIN AMERICA 2020-07-08 
      22102GABRIEL MOREIRA SCHVARZ M3T4 - Working with the Government Department of Sport MEXICO LATIN AMERICA 2020-07-08 
      22101Pablo Ruidíaz M6T3 - How to extend reach through website & email marketing PANAMA LATIN AMERICA 2020-07-08 
      22100GABRIEL MOREIRA SCHVARZ M3T3 - Working with the National Paralympic Committee MEXICO LATIN AMERICA 2020-07-08 
      22099GABRIEL MOREIRA SCHVARZ M3T2 - Working with the National Olympic Committee MEXICO LATIN AMERICA 2020-07-08 
      22098GABRIEL MOREIRA SCHVARZ M3T1 - What are partnerships? MEXICO LATIN AMERICA 2020-07-08 
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