Course Completion

      Name Course Country Continent Date
    375 Anh Phong Nguyen ITTF Administration Course  VIETNAM  ASIA  2023-09-27 
    374 Neerunjun Hurloll ITTF Administration Course  MAURITIUS  AFRICA  2023-09-24 
    373 DOROTHY EFUA OBUOBI ITTF Administration Course  GHANA  AFRICA  2023-09-23 
    372 Hoàng Long (Ti Long) Nguyễn ITTF Administration Course  VIETNAM  ASIA  2023-09-18 
    371 Daniel Tadesse Beyene ITTF Administration Course  ETHIOPIA  AFRICA  2023-09-07 
    370 Temesgen Demissie Diriba ITTF Administration Course  ETHIOPIA  AFRICA  2023-09-07 
    369 Han Zheng Kang ITTF Administration Course  SINGAPORE  ASIA  2023-08-29 
    368 John Sherriff ITTF Administration Course  AUSTRALIA  OCEANIA  2023-08-29 
    367 Anthony Jong ITTF Administration Course  MALAYSIA  ASIA  2023-07-27 
    366 Rahul Pawar ITTF Administration Course  INDIA  ASIA  2023-07-26 
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    Module/Topic Completion

        Name Module/Topic Completion Country Continent Date
      28338Minh Luan La M2T4 - How to prepare invoices and receipts VIETNAM ASIA 2023-09-27 
      28337Minh Luan La M2T3 - Sources of Revenue VIETNAM ASIA 2023-09-27 
      28336Anh Phong Nguyen M7T10 - Sports Diplomacy VIETNAM ASIA 2023-09-27 
      28335Minh Luan La M2T2 - Budgeting VIETNAM ASIA 2023-09-27 
      28334Minh Luan La M2T1 - Financial Statements VIETNAM ASIA 2023-09-27 
      28333Pentos Siachitema  M1T5 - How to organise meetings ZAMBIA AFRICA 2023-09-27 
      28332Anh Phong Nguyen M7T9 - Sport & Peace VIETNAM ASIA 2023-09-27 
      28331Pentos Siachitema  M1T4 - How to develop and assign portfolios ZAMBIA AFRICA 2023-09-27 
      28330Pentos Siachitema  M1T3 - How to write a constitution ZAMBIA AFRICA 2023-09-27 
      28329Anh Phong Nguyen M7T8 - Ethics in Sport VIETNAM ASIA 2023-09-27 
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