Course Completion

      Name Course Country Continent Date
    134 Stephen Gillespie ITTF Administration Course  AUSTRALIA  OCEANIA  2019-10-10 
    133 Michele Matthews ITTF Administration Course  CANADA  NORTH AMERICA  2019-10-09 
    132 Katia Mifsud ITTF Administration Course  MALTA  EUROPE  2019-09-23 
    131 Victor Lee ITTF Administration Course  BRAZIL  LATIN AMERICA  2019-09-13 
    130 Edward Tsai ITTF Administration Course  ZIMBABWE  AFRICA  2019-08-29 
    129 Subhan Asim ITTF Administration Course  PAKISTAN  ASIA  2019-08-29 
    128 Nicole Freeland ITTF Administration Course  AUSTRALIA  OCEANIA  2019-08-23 
    127 Primrose Muzah ITTF Administration Course  ZIMBABWE  AFRICA  2019-08-21 
    126 Serville Nubla ITTF Administration Course  PHILIPPINES  ASIA  2019-08-17 
    125 Wahbi BEN ISMAIL ITTF Administration Course  TUNISIA  AFRICA  2019-08-14 
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    Module/Topic Completion

        Name Module/Topic Completion Country Continent Date
      10594martin messad M6T8 - Television & Streaming ARGENTINA LATIN AMERICA 2019-10-14 
      10593FAHMI MASOUD M1T10 - Risk Management TANZANIA AFRICA 2019-10-14 
      10592FAHMI MASOUD M1T9 - How to prepare policy documents TANZANIA AFRICA 2019-10-14 
      10591FAHMI MASOUD M1T8 - Monitoring & Evaluation TANZANIA AFRICA 2019-10-14 
      10590FAHMI MASOUD M1T7 - Strategic Planning TANZANIA AFRICA 2019-10-14 
      10589FAHMI MASOUD M1T6 - How to manage memberships TANZANIA AFRICA 2019-10-14 
      10588martin messad M1T2 - How to establish an Association ARGENTINA LATIN AMERICA 2019-10-14 
      10587martin messad M1T1 - What is Governance? ARGENTINA LATIN AMERICA 2019-10-14 
      10586martin messad M6T7 - How to promote an event (paid tools) ARGENTINA LATIN AMERICA 2019-10-14 
      10585Rashid Sharif M2T3 - Sources of Revenue TANZANIA AFRICA 2019-10-14 
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