Course Completion

      Name Course Country Continent Date
    351 High Peng Chang ITTF Administration Course  MALAYSIA  ASIA  2023-05-27 
    350 Mabandla Bhembe ITTF Administration Course  SWAZILAND  AFRICA  2023-05-23 
    349 Juan Francisco Ávila Sosa ITTF Administration Course  ECUADOR  LATIN AMERICA  2023-05-17 
    348 Muhammad Haroon ITTF Administration Course  PAKISTAN  ASIA  2023-05-15 
    347 Riduan Md Jamir ITTF Administration Course  MALAYSIA  ASIA  2023-05-14 
    346 Jasper Pasion ITTF Administration Course  PHILIPPINES  ASIA  2023-04-24 
    345 Teng Leng ITTF Administration Course  SWITZERLAND  EUROPE  2023-04-18 
    344 ADEBOWALE AKINYEMI ITTF Administration Course  NIGERIA  AFRICA  2023-03-09 
    343 Theo Beukes ITTF Administration Course  NAMIBIA  AFRICA  2022-12-31 
    342 José Arosemena ITTF Administration Course  FRANCE  EUROPE  2022-12-14 
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    Module/Topic Completion

        Name Module/Topic Completion Country Continent Date
      26655Francis Frimpong M4T8 - Gender Equality GHANA AFRICA 2023-06-03 
      26654Francis Frimpong M4T7 - Performance Monitoring & Evaluation GHANA AFRICA 2023-06-03 
      26653Francis Frimpong M4T6 - Management of Human Resources GHANA AFRICA 2023-06-03 
      26652Francis Frimpong M4T5 - Assessing Human Resources training needs GHANA AFRICA 2023-06-03 
      26651Francis Frimpong M4T4 - Staff Recruitment GHANA AFRICA 2023-06-03 
      26650Francis Frimpong M4T3 - Volunteer Recruitment GHANA AFRICA 2023-06-03 
      26649Lucero Ovelar M3T8 - Working with other Table Tennis Associations PARAGUAY LATIN AMERICA 2023-06-03 
      26648Lucero Ovelar M3T7 - Working with Community Groups PARAGUAY LATIN AMERICA 2023-06-03 
      26647Lucero Ovelar M3T6 - Working with Schools PARAGUAY LATIN AMERICA 2023-06-03 
      26646Lucero Ovelar M3T5 - Working with other Government Departments PARAGUAY LATIN AMERICA 2023-06-03 
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