Course Completion

      Name Course Country Continent Date
    142 Mohamed Segueh soubane ITTF Administration Course  DJIBOUTI  AFRICA  2019-11-28 
    141 Joachim Kusche ITTF Administration Course  NEW ZEALAND  OCEANIA  2019-11-26 
    140 Yamil Raul Asmu ITTF Administration Course  ARGENTINA  LATIN AMERICA  2019-11-22 
    139 Dorat RAKOTOARISOA ITTF Administration Course  MADAGASCAR  AFRICA  2019-11-08 
    138 David Chia ITTF Administration Course  MALAYSIA  ASIA  2019-10-26 
    137 FAHMI MASOUD ITTF Administration Course  TANZANIA  AFRICA  2019-10-25 
    136 Rashid Sharif ITTF Administration Course  TANZANIA  AFRICA  2019-10-20 
    135 Francisco Javier Rodríguez Cortés ITTF Administration Course  SPAIN  EUROPE  2019-10-20 
    134 Stephen Gillespie ITTF Administration Course  AUSTRALIA  OCEANIA  2019-10-10 
    133 Michele Matthews ITTF Administration Course  CANADA  NORTH AMERICA  2019-10-09 
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    Module/Topic Completion

        Name Module/Topic Completion Country Continent Date
      10952Nory Revolledo Avila Introduction - What is the ITTF? PERU LATIN AMERICA 2019-12-09 
      10951Carmen Liliana Pérez Navarro M1T5 - How to organise meetings COLOMBIA LATIN AMERICA 2019-12-04 
      10950Michael Collins Introduction - What is the ITTF? GERMANY EUROPE 2019-12-04 
      10949Carmen Liliana Pérez Navarro M1T4 - How to develop and assign portfolios COLOMBIA LATIN AMERICA 2019-12-04 
      10948Carmen Liliana Pérez Navarro M1T3 - How to write a constitution COLOMBIA LATIN AMERICA 2019-12-03 
      10947Carmen Liliana Pérez Navarro M1T2 - How to establish an Association COLOMBIA LATIN AMERICA 2019-12-03 
      10946martin messad M7T10 - Sports Diplomacy ARGENTINA LATIN AMERICA 2019-12-03 
      10945Hector Jerez M1T6 - How to manage memberships ARGENTINA LATIN AMERICA 2019-12-03 
      10944Carmen Liliana Pérez Navarro M1T1 - What is Governance? COLOMBIA LATIN AMERICA 2019-12-03 
      10943Richard HANNA Introduction - What is the ITTF? EGYPT AFRICA 2019-12-03 
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