Course Completion

      Name Course Country Continent Date
    97 Oabona Raditloko ITTF Administration Course  BOTSWANA  AFRICA  2018-12-05 
    96 noel campbell ITTF Administration Course  AUSTRALIA  OCEANIA  2018-11-25 
    95 Jagadish Menasinkai ITTF Administration Course  INDIA  ASIA  2018-11-21 
    94 Daisy Fernandes ITTF Administration Course  INDIA  ASIA  2018-10-31 
    93 Alexander Aparicio Meza Roque ITTF Administration Course  PERU  LATIN AMERICA  2018-10-19 
    92 David Bonilla ITTF Administration Course  USA  NORTH AMERICA  2018-09-28 
    91 Maria Teresa Pozzi Espasandin ITTF Administration Course  ARGENTINA  LATIN AMERICA  2018-09-26 
    90 Gary Starling Hernandez Peguero ITTF Administration Course  DOMINICAN REPUBLIC  LATIN AMERICA  2018-09-26 
    89 Arnaldo Estacio ITTF Administration Course  PHILIPPINES  ASIA  2018-09-20 
    88 Mohammad Hossein Abdollahpour ITTF Administration Course  IRAN  ASIA  2018-05-31 
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    Module/Topic Completion

        Name Module/Topic Completion Country Continent Date
      7893Joachim Kusche M2T2 - Budgeting NEW ZEALAND OCEANIA 2018-12-13 
      7892Michele Matthews M1T10 - Risk Management CANADA NORTH AMERICA 2018-12-07 
      7891Michele Matthews M1T9 - How to prepare policy documents CANADA NORTH AMERICA 2018-12-07 
      7890Jagadish Menasinkai M5T8 - Planning to attend Competitions INDIA ASIA 2018-12-07 
      7889Jagadish Menasinkai M5T7 - How to deliver League Competitions INDIA ASIA 2018-12-07 
      7888Jagadish Menasinkai M5T6 - How to deliver National Competitions INDIA ASIA 2018-12-07 
      7887Jagadish Menasinkai M5T5 - How to deliver Club Competitions INDIA ASIA 2018-12-07 
      7886Jagadish Menasinkai M5T4 - How to deliver School Competitions INDIA ASIA 2018-12-07 
      7885Jagadish Menasinkai M5T3 - How to deliver Community Competitions INDIA ASIA 2018-12-07 
      7884Jagadish Menasinkai M5T2 - How to organise Festivals/Fun Days INDIA ASIA 2018-12-07 
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